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How to traceroute using Command Prompt

1.  Open your Command Prompt.2. Type this command : tracert [hostname] eg : tracert[hostname] is the name of the server connection you are testing3. and send us the result like below to [email protected]

Tweak settings – Redirections – WHM

1) Log in into your WHM and search Tweak Settings.2) Click at Tweak Settings and choose Redirection. 3) After that you tick “hostname” at SSL redirect destination [?] and save. 4) Try and verify.  Note : Non-SSL redirect destination This setting allows you to specify how to redirect users who access cPanel & WHM via the /cpanel, /webmail, or /whm paths without SSL. Select one of the following […]

Global Email Filters in cPanel

How To Create Filter1) Login into your cPanel. 2) Choose Global Email Filters.3) Click at Create a New Filter 4) Enter the filter’s name in Filter Name.5) Configure your filter’s rules and actions. 6) Click create.  

How to change PHP version in Direct Admin

1)  Login to your Direct Admin. 2) Click at Domain Setup. 2. Choose the domain that you want to upgrade the PHP version. 3) Choose the PHP version that you wish to use and save. Note : Please make sure that Handler for First PHP and Second PHP can’t be same version.

How to change PHP version in Cpanel

For cPanel Version 71)  Login to your cPanel2) Go to MultiPHP Manager 3) Choose the domain that you want to change the PHP version and choose the version. Then click apply. 4) PHP version successfully changed.   For cPanel version below than  71)  Login to your cPanel2) Go to Select PHP Version3) Select which PHP Version that you want to use […]

[HOW-TO] Use Remote Backup R1Soft

Prerequisite :-1.) Login URL (e.g. Username and Password (Provided by IP ServerOne)========================================================================================Login Page – Type (Or Copy and Paste) the provided URL to your browser and you will appear at the login page of our backup server. Enter the Username and Password in their respective field. Dashboard – You should reach your Dashboard View if […]

How to install “Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate” in cPanel

1. Login to the cPanel, Click on SSL/TLS Status3. Verify your SSL certificate status; by default, self-signed SSL certificate will be created for all the new accounts in cPanel. In order to install ” Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate”, we have to uninstall the current self-signed SSL certificate.4. To uninstall the current self-signed SSL certificate, […]

All About SPF Records and How to Manage it

Sender Policy Framework, also abbreviated as SPF. SPF is a framework designed to prevent email phishing/forgery. With SPF, if a spammer attempts to send emails with a faked “from” address, the message will be rejected by mail servers that use SPF verification. An SPF record is a single TXT entry in the DNS for each domain. […]